Charles William Edward Sommermeyer (1830-1912)

by Thomas F. Swezey

The following is from a four page hand written note.
I believe the note was written by my Grand Mother Antonie Sommermeyer (one of CWE's daughters).

Text inside square brackets [] appears to be added later.
Text inside curly brackets {} was crossed out.

Unfortunately I am unable to make out for sure the name of his partner which I show here as S. E. "Brinni" as the hand writing is unclear.

Charles William Edward Sommermeyer, manufacturer, Eau Claire, Wis, was born in Gardelegen, kingdon of Prussia, Germany, Feb 22, 1830 and is a son of Henry and Marie (Gennerich) Sommermeyer.
The former born Nov. 9, 1798 in the kingdom of Hanover, Germany and died Sept. 6, 1851; he was a grain dealer and manufacturer of pearl buttons; and the latter was born at Kloetze, Germany, Mch. 19, 1801 and died June 21, 1887 [in Bristol Wisconsin].
CWE Sommermeyer recieved a common school education and [then] studied law for four years after which he entered his father's factory and for seven years

(page 2)
after the latter's death had entire charge of the business.
In 1858 he came to Madison, Wis., where he engaged in the general merchandise business for four years.
In 1862 he came to Eau Claire and engaged in general merchandising again and also had an interest in a flour mill, brewery [this was uncle Henry's] and grain elevator.
In 1882 he moved his stock of goods to [Milbank] Grant County, Dak., but disposed of it there {and for} three years {was on} [and his] a cattle ranch!
In 1887 he returned to Eau Claire, but did not again enagage in merchantile business until 1890, at

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which time he became a partner of S. E. Brinni, in the clothing business, which partnership still continues.
In 1891, owing to the passage of the McKinley bill, in partnership with Mr George C. Huebener, he started a factory for the manufacture of pearl buttons giving employment to sixteen men and five women.
Mr. Sommermeyer married in 1862, Sophia Charlotte Huebener, who was born in Gardelegen, Germany.
Five children, Charlotte, Helene, Antonie, Adele and Edward F. have resulted from this union. All are at home and the family are

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members of the Presbyterian Church.
Mr. Sommermeyer is a strong exponent of republican principles and cast his first vote for Abraham Lincoln.

Taken from the Historical and Biographical Album of the Chippewa Valley, Wis. 1891-2

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