Father's brother - Norman Swezey - Emid, Oklahoma

"Father's brother - Norman Swezey - Emid, Oklahoma"

I recieved the following information from the family of Norman Swezey:

The Norman and Mary Jane picture.  The little boy is Deuane Alexander, the baby is Mary who married Bill Whitehead. The girl behind Norman is Mary Jane's sister, who they raised, Laura Dobbins, as her mother died in child birth. Laura died the year after this picture was taken.

Norman eventially had 5 children: Mary Whitehead, Deuane, Vista Gauley, Millie Henderson, and Loren
Swezey. Deuane married Fannie Batman and had 5 children: Hazel Rockwell, Opal Swezey, Christina Helmer (Fairborn,Ohio), Harold Swezey and Norman Swezey.

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