1968-1970 Edison High School Band, Minneapolis, Minnesota

1968-1970 Edison High School Band
Minneapolis, Minnesota

As a band alumnus from 1968-1970 I have a few nostalgic items other alumni may enjoy.

1968-1969 Concert Programs

1969-1970 Concert Program

Band Recordings

I have the following band recordings.

"The Real Swell Record" 1969 (Small 33 1/3 rpm record).

"First Annual Pop Concert 1968-69" 1969 (LP)

"Sound Sational Sixties" 1970 (LP)

"Sound Sational Sixties" 1970 (from a low quality home made cassette tape).

Do you know of any others?

If you have any questions or just want to say "HI!", please e-mail me at swezeyt@winternet.com.

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