The Swezey Digital Filter

Compare with Other Products

Crackle reduction is one area where I believe my program really shines.
I don't have the resources to compare my program with every other filter product.
I have found a web site that does compare several products to each other.
After listening to the others listen to my version below.

I think you will find that I significantly out perform all of them!

The web page is: " Digitally Restoring Old Recordings On the Cheap by John M. Clement, PhD"
Look for "Appendix A Sample tick and crackle reduction" (about three fourths of the way down the page). Click Here!

Here is my filtered version of his test recording

To hear the "Original recording" filtered by my program Click Here!

This file is an MPEG mp3 audio file. If you need help playing this file Click Here!
To create my version, I right clicked on his "Original recording" and saved it to disk.
I then convereted it from mp3 to be a 44100 sample per second 16 bit WAV audio file.
I ran it through my program using the "High Fidelity 50 Hz to 15000 Hz" profile capturing the output to disk.
I then converted it back to mp3 and put it here on this web page.
Note since this was already a monaural file I could not use my Stereo Combiner Control to do even better decrackling.
For my own decrackle example which did use this feature Click Here!

Thank you for your interest in the Swezey Digital Filter Program!

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