What's Curling?

Curling is a winter sport that originated on Scotland. It has sometimes been characterized as "shuffleboard on ice, but without the pushing sticks". Curling is a sport of skill, experience, and just plain luck. It does not take a lot of physical poweress; I've curled with people who were 5 and ones who were 85. In other words, curling is one of the very few life-long sports.

The Stachour family learned to curl during the years that we lived in Canda, and now curl at the St. Paul Curling Club, on Selby Avenue, in (where else) St. Paul, Minnesota.

Where do we Curl?

Here's a photo taken at the St. Paul Club, and a newspaper article about curling. The St.Paul Curling Club is a member of the Minnesota Curling Association.

Junior's Program

The St.Paul Cluring Club has a very active junior's curling program on Saturday mornings during the winter. Children from 6 to 21 participate. We'll have some pictures of the junior curlers as soon as they get back from the digital developer.

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