Shoujo Kakumei Utena is one of my all-time favorite animated television series. Coming out of Japan, this anime has begun commercial translation in America under the title Revolutionary Girl Utena. This story has everything -- interesting characters, arresting visuals, humor, drama, and disturbingly dysfunctional sibling relationships.


Familiar StrangersIn progress — It's five years after Utena Tenjou's ill-fated sojourn at Ohtori Academy. She has picked up and carried on with her life and now is starting college. Finally, the past requires resolution. Now with illustrations.

GlompophiliaMay 2001 — Normally, only Wakaba favors Utena with the over-enthusiastic jumps and hugs.

Legion Of The RoseIn progress — A fusion tale drawing from Utena and the Legion of Super-Heroes. This story is very much in the early stages, so the page currently features conceptual sketches.

To Wear A Midnight RoseIn progress — This is set primarily in the Utenaverse, but features guest character Kodachi Kuno from Ranma 1/2.

Walking The Road To EternityForthcoming — When young Professor Nemuro is on special assignment at Ohtori Academy, he finds himself faced with a horrific dilemma. But what, really, are his options?

What Color Is Your Revolution?March 2003 — With the dawn of the new year, Nanami takes steps to make sure the Student Council keeps up with the times.


If you are familiar with the series, don't even pretend that some of these pictures are canonical. Most recent works are at the top.

Gifts of Roses

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