Old Arvandran



adj - adjective
adv - adverb
n - noun
prep - preposition
pro - pronoun
vint - intransitive verb
vtr - transitive verb

Old Arvandran-English

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adhal - (adj) "alive, living, vital, lively"
alimar - (adj) "coppery, color of copper"
alui, aluwhi - (adj) "windy, breezy"
arou - (n) "snow"; (vint) "to snow"
arth, artha - (n) "eye"; pl. arthin
at - (vtr) "to care about, have affection for, be concerned for the welfare of". Commonly used to express parental concern for a child.
ata - (pro) "she, her, hers", third person feminine, nominative. Accusative = ata'im, dative = atat, possessive = ataf, instrumental = ataout.
az - (n) "wind of gale force"
azi - (adj) "violently windy"


dheimour - (vtr) "to look at, to view"; the speaker is making no assumptions about whether the actor actually perceived anything. May take a direct object or a directional or locational phrase.
dis - (vtr) "to bring"


fei'in - (n) "rose", the flower or plant; pl fei'inir


iikael - (vint) "to run"


mart - (n) "horse", the animal; pl. martir


savit - (vtr) "to see"; implies that the speaker believes the actor has perceived the object.


taf - (n) "cloud"; pl. tafir
talmar - (n) "cat", the animal; pl. talmarir
tanq - (vtr) "to sprinkle a liquid, to rain"

English-Old Arvandran


There are many names in use in Arvandra today which are drawn from the Modern Arvandran tongue. Such names have been given as their English equivalents, and are marked as "(MA)". Other names retain their form from their roots in Old Arvandran. Modern name-givers are frequently ignorant of the original meanings, but these names are popular due to regional or family traditions.

There are many names which are either gender-neutral, and so appear identically in both lists, or else have the same root with feminine and masculine forms.

Names in these lists are shown capitalized, even though they will not be when shown in romanized Old Arvandran texts.

Feminine Names

Adhal, Adhala - "the vital or lively"
Amber - (MA) gemstone name
Amethyst - (MA) gemstone name
Autumn - (MA) season name
Avana - "of the forest", place name
Baenoura, Baenourith - "midnight"
Beryl - (MA) gemstone name
Briiagaen - "beautiful woman"
Brindina - "of the pines, of the pine forest", place name
Charity - (MA) virtue name
Cinnamon - (MA) plant name
Copper - (MA) "gemstone" name
Coriander - (MA) plant name
Crystal - (MA) gemstone name
Daisy - (MA) plant name
Dawn - (MA)
Deira - "the white"
Deirkif, Deirkeifii - "white swan"; Deirkeifii is an older form.
Diamond - (MA) gemstone name
Diira, Diirin - "dawn, sunrise"
Dinartha - "grey eyes"; dim. Dina
Emerald - (MA) gemstone name
Eve - (MA)
Faith - (MA) virtue name
Fei'in - "a rose"; also the name given to the handmaid of the Lady of Dreams.
Gaenamil - "woman of the lake"
Ganamilthas, Ganthasamil - "woman of the silver lake"
Garnet - (MA) gemstone name
Geibriiaen - "beauty"; dim. Briia
Gem - (MA) gemstone name
Ginger - (MA) plant name
Gliitha - "twilight"
Grouma - "sixth"; used for a sixth daughter, or for a sixth child if a girl.
Honesty - (MA) virtue name
Hope - (MA) virtue name
Irman - "amethyst", gemstone name
Istain - "the honest"
Ithan, Ithana - "star"
Ivy - (MA) plant name
Kara, Karith - "first"; used for a first daughter, or for a first child if a girl.
Keifiba, Keifith - "the swanlike"
Kimin - "fire"
Kouana - "the golden"
Kouandour - "golden hair"
Kouantiira - "golden dawn"
Laestain - "honesty"
Laurel - (MA) plant name
Liila, Liilith - "second"; used for a second daughter, or for a second child if a girl.
Liilisa - "second beginning"; frequently used for a baby when the family had lost a prior child.
Lily - (MA) plant name
Miidourith - "sun hair"
Milthasa - "silver lake", place name
Mourda, Mourdith - "fifth"; used for a fifth daughter, or for a fifth child if a girl.
Nithala - "moon"
Nithaluwhii - "moon wind"
Nithamas - "moon-flower"
Nourdourith - "night hair"
Nqinith - "seventh"; used for a seventh daughter, or for a seventh child if a girl.
Opal - (MA) gemstone name
Ouana, Ouanith - "the pink or rosy"
Pepper - (MA) plant name
Ratrai'aem - "wisdom"
Reina, Reinith - "fourth"; used for a fourth daughter, or for a fourth child if a girl.
Rindith - "the black"
Rindourii - "black hair"
Rose - (MA) plant name
Ruby - (MA) gemstone name
Saianii - "spring, springtime"
Sanu - "summer"
Sapphire - (MA) gemstone name
Savrasa -
Silver - (MA) "gemstone" name
Soufiwar - "foam mantle"; a name ascribed to the Lady of Waters
Soukimin - "heart of fire"; a name ascribed to the Lady of Fire
Soula -
Souna, Sounith - "third"; used for a third daughter, or for a third child if a girl.
Sousanu - "midsummer"
Souteimar - "midwinter"
Spring - (MA) season name
Sulsaia - "green spring"; celebration held at the midway point between the spring equinox and the summer solstice.
Summer - (MA) season name
Taebris -
Tansy - (MA) plant name
Teimar, Teimara - "winter"
Thasgana - "silver woman"; dim. Thasii; a name ascribed to the Lady of the Moon.
Thasii, Thasa - "silver"; also dim. for Thasgana.
Tiirin, Tiirith - see Diira
Tolparas - "ocean mother"; a name ascribed to the Lady of the Waters.
Topaz - (MA) gemstone name
Vanii -
Violet - (MA) plant name
Vitsasa - "the sparkling"
Winter - (MA) season name
Wisdom - (MA) virtue name
Wounila - "fall, autumn"

Masculine Names

Adhal - "the vital or lively"
Aroukouth - "snow wolf"
Ash - (MA) plant name
Avanar - "of the forest", place name
Banour - "midnight"
Bourits -
Brindin - "of the pines, pine forest", place name; dim. Brin
Copper - (MA) gemstone name
Craig - (MA) place name
Diiral, Diiran - "dawn, sunrise"
Dhounital - "shining one", a name ascribed to the Lord of the Sun
Eithil -
Finlin -
Foulan - "mountain", place name
Fourfout -
Glanan - "the singing"
Glithal, Glithour - "twilight"
Groumal, Groumor - "sixth"; name given to a sixth son, or sixth child who is a boy
Iinan -
Iithal -
Ithakan - "star hawk"
Ithan, Ithanar - "star"
Ithaniwar - "star cloak", a name ascribed to the Lord of Stars
Ikarat - "strength"
Kanar - "hawk"
Karal - "first"; name given to a first son, or a first child who is a boy
Kimin - "fire"
Kimindor - "fire hair"
Kouan, Kouanal - "the golden"
Kourbin -
Kourou - "earth, soil, dirt, the world", a name for the Lord of the Earth
Kralan - "the stony, of the stony place", place name
Laestain - "honesty"
Liilar, Liilal, Liilaen - "second"; name given to a second son, or a second child who is a boy
Liilisar - "second beginning"; frequently used for a baby when the family had lost a prior child.
Miiakouth, Miikouth - "sun wolf"
Miian, Miial, Miiar - "of the sun, bright, warm"
Miidoural - "sun hair"
Milthas - "lake of silver", place name
Mourdal, Mourdan - "fifth"; name given to a fifth son, or a fifth child who is a boy
Mourtris -
Nithalkouth - "moon wolf"
Nourdoural - "night hair"
Nourkan - "night hawk"
Nourkouth - "night wolf"
Nqinal - "seventh"; used for a seventh son, or for a seventh child if a boy.
Nqouruth - "of the tower", place name
Ouan, Ouanar - "the pink or rosy"
Poulat - "the tall"
Rakvadisal - "lightning bringer"; name ascribed to the Lord of the Winds
Ranal - "fourth"; name given to a fourth son, or a fourth child who is a boy
Ratraiam - "wisdom"
Rindar, Rindan - "the black"
Rindarth - "black eyes"
Rindour - "black hair"
Rinqgo -
Sanual, Sanuar - "summer"
Saian - "spring, springtime"
Silver - (MA) gemstone name
Sounal - "third"; name given to a third son, or a third child who is a boy
Souteimar - "midwinter"
Steilin -
Steel - (MA) gemstone name
Stain - "the honest"
Sufoulan - "green mountain", place name
Sularth - "green eyes"
Sulimil - "green lake", place name
Tamalii'ir -
Tapliian - "gift"
Tiiral - see Diiral
Touran -
Traiam - "the wise"
Viras - "sunset"
Vourgrin -
Wounil, Wounilin - "autumn"
Zourout -

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