Author's Notes


With respect to the "Ranma 1/2" timeline, this story is a divergence. Besides the fact of Kodachi's departure from Tokyo, the events of the latter part of the Ranma series obviously will not occur given the actions which Ranma and Akane take here. I admit to playing fast and loose with some ordering of events, especially as to when certain characters arrive in Nerima. At the same time, not much time could have passed from Ranma's own arrival, given the point in high school at which Kodachi makes her transfer to Ohtori Academy.

As most of the story from here on will take place in the Utenaverse, the telling of Ranma and Akane's settlements has been kept brief. There will eventually be an expanded version of this prologue, to satisfy the curiosity of the Ranma fans as to how I chose to resolve matters in Nerima.

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