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Some of my fan fiction also appears at AO3.

Familiar Strangers In progress, updated 1/10/2004 Revolutionary Girl Utena, post-series It's five years after Utena Tenjou's ill-fated sojourn at Ohtori Academy. She has picked up and carried on with her life and now is starting college. Finally, the past requires resolution.

Glompophilia May 2001, minor revisions November 2012 Revolutionary Girl Utena Normally, it's only Wakaba who favors Utena with the over-enthusiastic jumps and hugs.

The Iron God December 2012 The Avengers (movie, 2012) Loki shows up with a new project for Tony. Written as a sequel to a fill for a prompt at norsekink.

Legion Of The Rose In progress Revolutionary Girl Utena/Legion of Super-Heroes In the far future, Utena Tenjou and Wakaba Shinohara decide to put their super-human powers to the service of the galaxy by joining the elite Legion, the premiere law enforcement and defense organization of the era.

A Letter To Anthy August 2006, revised November 2012 Revolutionary Girl Utena/Ouran High School Host Club After leaving Ohtori, a friend writes to Anthy.

A Precise Mousing Surface February 2006 Original A tale of three kitties.

To Wear A Midnight Rose In progress, updated 1/3/2003 Revolutionary Girl Utena/Ranma 1/2 When life in Tokyo becomes less appealing, Kodachi Kuno seeks to expand her horizons by transferring to another school. Ohtori Academy is just what she's looking for.

U Can't Touch This July 2014 The Avengers (movie, 2012) Steve paints an action portrait of Clint.

Walking The Road To EternityForthcoming Revolutionary Girl Utena When young Professor Nemuro is on special assignment at Ohtori Academy, he finds himself faced with a horrific dilemma. But what, really, are his options?

What Color Is Your Revolution? March 2003, minor revisions November 2012 Revolutionary Girl Utena With the dawn of the new year, Nanami takes steps to make sure the Student Council keeps up with the times.

Other Authors

Legion of Super-Heroes

Bits o' Legionnaire Business Bits o' Legionnaire Business is the fanfic and fanart forum at Legion World.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon / Sailor Moon

Children of Fire Children of Fire is a Sailor Moon/Ranma 1/2 fusion being written by John Biles.

One Song GlorySince the archive A Sailor Moon Romance went down in 2007, new hands took over the moonromance.net domain, and have been slowly bringing the material back online. This is probably the largest fanfiction archive dedicated to Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon ZSailor Moon Z is a collaboration by John Biles and Jeff Hosmer.

Multiple Series

Alan Harnum's Anime FanfictionAlthough not working much in anime fan fiction these days, Alan Harnum has written many fine pieces. These include the Ranma saga Waters Under Earth and the epic Utena post-series story Jaquemart, which unfortunately stands unfinished at fifteen chapters.

Bailesu's Fiction PageBailesu's Fiction Page provides links to all the anime fan fiction written by John Biles, including stories for Sailor Moon and Ranma 1/2.

E. Liddell's LibraryE. Liddell's Library features some excellent Sailor Moon fiction, including an epic Negaverse novel. She also includes some fine Utena pieces.

Lost Library of Florestica The Lost Library of Florestica hosts a number of fan fiction authors' works. Many of the works here feature Ranma 1/2.

Ranma 1/2

Ranma 1/2 fanfictionJoseph Palmer writes some excellent Ranma 1/2 fanfiction.

Penultimate Ranma Fanfic IndexRakhal Stormwarden's incredible Penultimate Ranma Fanfic Index is a massive indexed collection of Ranma fan fiction from the rec.arts.anime.creative archive. In addition, many of the authors have their own web sites listed here, giving the interested reader even more access to Ranma fan fiction and fan art.

Shadow Lurker ProductionsEric Hallstrom seems to have drifted away from writing fan fiction in the past few years. But he did write some fine Ranma works, including the epic Ranma and Akane: A Love Story, which unfortunately stands unfinished.

Taming of the HorseVince Seifert has written some excellent Ranma fan fiction, including Taming of the Horse and its sequel Centaur. Don't miss the "other stories" link, as there are some Ranma short pieces, as well as works for other anime genres.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena / Revolutionary Girl Utena

Empty MovementGio's site Empty Movement is a true feast for any Utena fan. The Fandom section hosts fan fiction by Gio herself and many contributors.

The Rose GardenDianna Silver's page The Rose Garden for Utena-related fan fiction includes the Arthurian-inspired Love's Honor.

Satellite of RevolutionThe Satellite of Revolution features Chris Rain's marvelous MST3K treatments of various questionable Utena fanfics. If you like Utena and aren't afraid of laughing to the point of pain, go, go now! Just click the link banner.

Shadows In The Rose GardenShadows In The Rose Garden features a small collection of fan fiction, including the still in-progress post-series story Archimage, and some fine short pieces.

Utena Fanfiction RepositoryThe Utena Fanfiction Repository is now hosted at Empty Movement. It was originally a separate site run by Alan Harnum.

Utena Thumbnail TheatreA unique, concise and amusing retelling of the Utena anime series. Rehosted by the creator at her LiveJournal blog.

Writing & Technique

Joseph Palmer has developed some good methods for presentation of prose on the web. If you're interested in posting prose on the web, don't miss Joseph's essay on HTML Formatting For Prose.

This may not be strictly about "writing", but with the prevalence of web publishing for fiction, I'd like everyone to know about the CSS Zen Garden.

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