Notes On Wood

quarter-sawn log On the 'rec.antiques' newsgroup a while back, there were some questions about what quartersawn lumber is (which grew into a discussion about wainscotting). I thought a picture showing how a log is quartersawn might have been helpful. The one shown on the left is my version of a much more artistic sketch shown in "Eric Sloane's America" (Promontory Press, c1956, ISBN 0-88394-061-2).

The idea is, of course, to keep the growth rings of the log perpendicular to the the plane surfaces of the lumber. Two methods of doing that are shown here, one is more extravagant with the log. These methods of cutting the log reduce the likelihood of warping.

real view Quartersawn lumber can produce an interesting and prized figure on the plane surface of the lumber as shown in the sample here.

plain sawn A plain or flat-sawn log is shown here. The common dimension lumber one purchases at the lumberyard is cut in this fashion.
real view Plane view.

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