Some Antique Related Puzzles

An Auction puzzle: How did he know?
Adapted from a puzzle heard on the Public Radio Program, Car Talk

Rummaging around in his grandmother's attic, John discovered a very old hand-made wooden sled. Dusting it off he discovered the inscription: G. Washington September 10, 1752. John asked a friendly antique dealer what this sled was worth. The dealer said that it could be very valuable and suggested that John take it to Christie's to see if they would auction it for him. Christie's agreed to put the sled up at auction.

At the auction, the auctioneer announced that this hand-made sled had the inscription: G. Washington, September 10, 1752 ... Someone in the audience immediatly cried out-"it's a fake!"

How did he know it was a fake? (You can find the answer here).

A Magic Lantern Puzzle: What's wrong?

optics puzzle This old print from about 1645 by the polymath Jesuit scholar Athansius Kircher (Source: Coe, B., 'A History of Movie Photography' from Russel Naughton's site on the answer page) illustrates an early idea for a Magic Lantern slide projector.

Such lanterns were powered by a small oil lamp shown on the left (smoking) and projected images from handpainted glass slides (mid-picture) onto a screen (shown on the right).

There is something wrong with this picture, what is it? (You can find the answer here).

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