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You may have come to this site expecting to find out the value of your magic lantern or your lantern slides or how much you should pay for some piece of Scalloped Swirl Pattern Glass or an old Wyandotte truck or some old Art Deco tiles. Everyone wants to have some sense of the value of a family heirloom or a recently purchased item or some item your thinking about buying. We are the same as you.

I am sorry that we cannot provide the value of your item. The price of your item depends on its condition, the location, the current market, and the customers who are shopping. If you are selling to a dealer expect to get something like 1/2 of the retail price you saw at a show or shop. If you have seen a piece similar to yours sold at an auction, well that was it's value at that auction and might be a good price for you to set on your item.

If these selling prices are unsatisfactory, see about opening or renting space in a shop yourself, or rent space at the next show in your area or put it up for auction yourself. It will be a bit of work, but it might be an interesting thing to do.

J. W. Couter has written a thoughtful article, "Value - Viewpoint on Collecting" that is published on the Aladdin Knights (Aladdin Lamp Collectors) page.

How do you find out what your item is worth?

Shop around
First look about at shows and antique shops and auctions for similar items. You probably will not find your exact item but you'll get an idea of your items value.

If you suspect that your item may have substantial value, you might want to pay for the services of a professional appraiser. Look for appraisers who are members of one of the National Societies. Note that an ethical appraiser will never value an item which they subsequently offer to buy. If I were stumble on one of these, I wouldn't sell to them. I guess I'd just bite the bullet, pay their fee, and send them on their way.

E-Bay can also be a source of information. You can find the completed auction prices of many items from the E-Bay Home Page.

Type in the SEARCH box a short description of your item. Example: Wyandotte. Then press
Now find the box called COMPLETED ITEMS and search again. You will find the auctions of your item that have completed. Watch out some items will not have been sold.

Good Luck
-if you like it and can afford it, bargain and then buy it and enjoy it.
-if its a family heirloom, please think twice about selling it.

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