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Winternet™ Acceptable Use Policy

This policy represents a guide to the acceptable use of Winternet™ and the services it provides. (Winternet™ provides access to people throughout the state to its clients with networks outside Winternet™.) In general, it is the responsibility of those networks to enforce their own acceptable use policies. Winternet™ will inform its clients of any restrictions in the use of networks to which it is directly connected.

Winternet™ accepts no responsibility for traffic which it originates that violates the acceptable use policy of any directly or indirectly connected networks beyond informing the client that they are in violation if the connected network so informs Winternet™.

  • It is not acceptable to use Winternet™ or any services offered for purposes which violate U.S. or state laws.
  • It is not acceptable to use Winternet™ or any services offered to transmit threatening,obscene, or harassing materials.
  • Unsolicited advertising is not acceptable. Advertising is permitted on some mailing lists and newsgroups if the mailing list or newsgroup explicitly allows advertising. Announcements of new products or services are acceptable. Malicious use is not acceptable. Use should be consistent with guiding ethical statements and accepted community standards.
  • It is not acceptable to use Winternet™ so as to interfere or disrupt network users, services, or equipment. Such interference or disruptions include, but are not limited to, distribution of unsolicited advertising, propagation of computer worms or viruses, and using the network to make unauthorized entry to any other computational, information, or communications devices or resources, including but not limited to, any machines accessible via the network. For example, users shall not intentionally develop programs that harass other users or infiltrate a computer or computing system and/or damage or alter the software components of a computer or computing system.
  • It is assumed that information and resources available via Winternet™ are private to those individuals and organizations which own or hold rights to those resources and information, unless specifically stated otherwise by the owners or holders of the rights. It is therefor not acceptable for an individual to use Winternet™ to access information or resources unless permission to do so has been granted by the owners or holders of those rights.
  • Winternet™ will review violations of our Acceptable Use Policy on a case-by-case basis. Clear violations which are not promptly remedied by the client may result in termination of any or all Winternet™ services.

The following policies and guidelines will be applied to determine whether or not a particular use of Winternet™ is appropriate

  • The intent of this policy is to make clear certain uses which are consistent with the purposes of Winternet™, not to exhaustively enumerate all such possible uses.
  • Winternet™ may at any time make determinations whether particular uses are or are not consistent with the previously mentioned policies.

Winternet™ reserves the right to modify this policy at any time. Members will receive notification of all such modifications 15 days prior to their effective date.

Questions or comments related to the Winternet™ Acceptable Use Policy may be directed to:

77 13th Ave NE
Suite 210
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Voice: 612-617-0007 | Fax: 651-645-9798
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